Ruto speaks to Uhuru after ex-President's office raises budgetary concerns

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The president has formed a team, led by the Head of Public Service Felix Koskei, to immediately address all the issues raised

President William Ruto and his predecessor, Uhuru Kenyatta, have discussed concerns about facilitation for the office of the retired president following contradictory reports by their spokespeople.

State House Spokesperson Hussein Mohammed reported this via X on Tuesday, saying "President Ruto has consequently constituted a team, led by the Head of Public Service, to immediately address all the issues raised, including the location of the retired President’s office and the attendant staff establishment.

At a press briefing in Nairobi on Monday, Kanze Dena Mararo, the director of communication in the office of the former President, highlighted discrepancies in fund allocations to Kenyatta's office.

Dena noted that despite a parliamentary allocation of Sh655 million for the 2022–2023 financial year, the office only received Sh28 million, 4.4 per cent of the total. The amount covered allowances for domestic travel and two official trips, but did not include provisions for salaries or medical insurance.

"In the year 2022-2023, parliament allocated this office 655 million shillings. To date, the office can only confirm spending of 28 million shillings on domestic travel allowances and two official trips. This does not include the payment of salaries and medical insurance. No other monies spent can be accounted for by this office," Dena stated.

These sentiments contradicted remarks by Government Spokesperson Isaac Mwaura last Friday.

Mwaura asserted that Kenyatta receives a lump sum payment of Sh48 million annually for each of his two terms in office, along with various monthly allowances and benefits.

He detailed that Kenyatta receives a monthly pension of Sh1.6 million, monthly allowances of Sh1 million, which include a monthly entertainment allowance of Sh200,000, a house allowance of Sh300,000, a fuel allowance of Sh200,000, and Sh300,000 for water, electricity, and telephone services.

Additionally, he said, Kenyatta has a comprehensive medical and hospital cover worth Sh20 million for both local and overseas treatment for himself and his spouse, all of which are tax-exempt.

The team Ruto formed will be headed by Felix Koskei, the Head of Public Service.

Ruto also ordered that issues concerning the location of Kenyatta's office and the establishment of his attending staff be addressed.

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